Friday, January 21, 2011

Minnesota ... Brrrrrrr

As I write this, it is 0 degrees in the Twin Cities.  I am not there. Yet.  It is a balmy 18 degrees in Michigan where I still live.  Wind chill brings it closer to zero.  I am prepping for our move, helped along by a cold snap here.  I have found Handmade MN, a great blog by Minnesota etsy-ers.  I am almost finished with my first ever sweater, which will get worn daily I'm thinking once we move.  (It is creamy white wool, now knit into a short version of the Einstein coat for all you knitters.  Photo coming upon completion.)  The knitting is how I pass my time during those showings when I have to vamoose, or before my classes while I wait for students to show up so I can sign them in.  It also helped pass the time on our 14 hour drive to MN over the holidays ... and then back again.  All my wool roving and Woolynns paraphernalia has been boxed up, though the rest of the house awaits packing.  I have so many ideas, I am bursting to felt something.  That creativity will help on those first isolated days after we move.  At least I hope it will.  It has been a long time since I moved somewhere new and started over.  But why do we have to start over in February?