Monday, February 7, 2011

Two weeks and counting

I took that marvelous thing called The First Sweater I Ever Knitted over to my friend Mary at Skeins on Main.  Mary is a knitter beyond compare and she showed me how to steam and block TFSIEK into shape.  Now I have a wonderful sweater to wear in my new abode in Minnesota.  I think it will be my new version of a house coat, given how cold this winter has been.

Moving proceeds.  M found a house for us to rent in MN.  Our current house has a buyer and is in the poorly named process of a short sale.  We know what schools the children will attend.  Two weeks and we go.  How is it I've packed 97 boxes and there is still so much all around me in our house?  Who put all this here?

Phone calls with friends near and far, getting me ready, encouraging me.  My dear friend KK is a few months ahead on this path of reinventing in a new locale.  Her words of wisdom and sense of humor and empathy are a necessity.  Thank god, she is a regular writer of email, and of her own blog Unterwegs.  My teacher/mentor/guide/heart KT told me she thinks my job in this lifetime is to reach as many people in as many ways possible as I can.  She called me exceptional, and then we brainstormed ways to spread the kind of yoga we practice and teach, as well as figuring out what to do about all those other pursuits of mine.

Feels like an all new adventure, but it is really a continuation of what I've always done.  Introduce myself, my work.  Find outlets for it.  Meet people who enjoy it.  Do more.  Woolynns, yoga, music, theatre, parenting.  The only new part will be the location and the people I encounter.  And then that will make everything both new and the same.

Exceptional.  I am moved by the thought that KT thinks I am, but  really, who I am just seems normal to me.  I hope Minnesota thinks so too.  Then we'll all be fine.  And a new group of people will have healthier bodies and nice scarves.

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