Saturday, December 31, 2011

A year in the life ...

This time last year, I was gearing up for our move to Minnesota after 12 plus years in Michigan.  Mark would be househunting and starting his new MN job in January, and the kids and I would be packing up our house for a late February move.  Since then I have:

  • said good-bye to very dear friends and to an idea of myself based on external factors
  • repainted our new place's interior when our belongings were delayed
  • assisted my oldest during a very rough transition to his new school (never before has summer break come with such relief for him)
  • watched as my youngest settled in more easily than expected, and been in awe as she denied living here ("I like gray" in response to the blue skies of a Minnesota winter)
  • experienced travel baseball (never again)
  • seen a chance to perform with high schoolers ease my middle schooler's pain
  • found one studio willing to give me a shot teaching
  • created a studio space and made lots of beautiful scarves
  • camped in the Black Hills of South Dakota
  • attended four art shows, at which my sales were dismal
  • figured out what a gift it is to live near extended family
  • watched Mark return to a happier frame of mind
  • learned how to pull shots and pour latte art
  • hosted Michigan friends on assorted trips through the Twin Cities
  • adopted a dog (a beautiful Italian Greagle)
  • seen my daughter branch out in ways we had only hoped might happen with a move
  • cheered on my son as he discovered a new passion for swimming
  • realized how deep friendships can run and how tentative it is starting new ones
One of my scattered-throughout-the-globe friends wrote a piece that is so very beautiful about resolutions and taking leaps and falling and starting over.  This is what it has felt like.  Grand and abysmal; barely functioning and laying so much groundwork; knowing I am in the right place but not quite feeling at home.  Staying in touch with old friends helps and hinders.  I need to move forward; I get stuck looking back.  Love from my old friends inspires and sustains and saddens.  Finding new friends is harder each time I move.  But here I am, looking at 2012, ready to start tackling that list of Ways To Feel Like I Live Here.  One item at a time.

  • Follow up on people's offers: coffee, introductions, job ideas
  • Set aside a few days to finally nail down all our health care providers
  • Keep walking the dog in the big park, looking for the elusive albino squirrel
  • Practice yoga
  • Try felting a tallit
  • Create a more structured approach to Woolynns
  • Research local art fairs based upon recommendations received this fall
  • Explore our new home state in new ways each month (arboretum, Fringe festival, etc)
  • Be willing to drop a few balls
Here's to a new year filled with taking leaps, falling, and starting over.
Happy 2012!