Sunday, August 15, 2010

Art Fairs in August

It is mid-August.   I've been working hard this summer creating inventory.  So hard I have had to slow down due to sore muscles and joints.  That said, I feel ready for this next weekend at the Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan, MI.  This is my second time as a vendor there, and I am looking forward to seeing the wool, yarn, looms, spinners, and more wool-related items than I ever knew existed.

One week later, August 28 - 29th, I'll be making my first appearance at Dragon On The Lake in Lake Orion, MI.  It looks to be an amazing event with dragons from various artists in various media, races on the lake in gorgeous dragon boats, a sidewalk chalk competition.  (On a side note, my good friend's son designed a logo for an art class in his high school and it was chosen for the event.)  I got to explore the world of art fair people and their advice as I purchased a tent for this, my first big outdoor event.

If you find yourself in Western Michigan on the 21st or 22nd, or in Southeastern Michigan the following weekend, please stop by and say hi.

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