Monday, August 30, 2010

Life lessons, part 387

I don't know if it is due to running my own business or if it just comes with age.  Learning to speak up for myself is getting easier.  Yeah, I still fret and fume and simmer for a while, but now instead of staying in that angry, frustrated, put-upon space, I can actually move forward.  I can sort out the true grievance and (gasp) talk to the person to whom I need to talk.  It has happened more often and it gets easier each time.  Quite recently, I was able to tell someone about my displeasure with an aspect of an event that disproportionately affected me.  My comments were intended as "how to do things differently so no one else has to experience what I went through", not as just griping.  The best part?  It was received the way it was intended.
Trying to be more like water and flow with, through, and around.  Too many years spent burning erratically, occasionally hurting those around me, but always doing more damage to myself than anyone else.  Slowly carving a path forward with a little more ease, increasing steadiness, and newfound malleability.

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