Sunday, July 4, 2010

Back on subject

I have been trying some different variations on technique: using cooler or warmer water, trying netting to help keep wool in place while starting the process, throwing instead of rolling. Some ideas work wonderfully, some seem like a lateral move from what I've been doing. But I did try and felt onto unknown fabric. I found a silky scarf in pale gold at the Salvation Army. It had no tag, but I am pretty sure it wasn't silk. It was, however, porous enough to felt ... I hoped. I used some other found silk in a gold and silver pattern of squares and some golden and grey wools and yarns. I laid out a pattern of lines of wool that criss-crossed along the length of the gold scarf. I laid in pieces of the patterned silk on the gold, and added overall length by attaching some pieces at the end with openings between the gold and the patterned silk. I took yarns and embellished. Than I had to begin the felting process and hope for the best. I worked with cooler water and rolled for longer amounts of time. A couple pieces moved and didn't adhere so well so I just pulled them off before my last part of felting, but otherwise I am pretty pleased with end result: Smoky Topaz by Woolynns.

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  1. that's gorgeous! Wow, your process is like science. :)