Friday, July 9, 2010

better than ibuprofin

This is the photo that my friend Eve took. It has caused me much headache. I looked at all those colored beads against the white neck of the mannequin head, and thought, "Damn, there's a scarf in there somewhere." Now I have to figure out how to make it. The obvious answer is to duplicate it by felting a ton of beads and doing a wool version of same. But that would be making another necklace (or necklaces). I want to make a scarf inspired by this image.

I don't have any white silk on-hand, but I do have tulle, that mesh that ballet tutus are made of. Never felted onto tulle before, but does that stop me? Not a chance. Since the big square shape doesn't suit my purposes, I cut the tulle and I lay it down in three sections. I take super soft white merino wool roving and feather it into place covering seams and edges. It looks too angular so I flesh out the white on the seams into curvier shapes.

Then I look through all my pre-felt. (Pre-felt can be purchased or can be wool that is partially felted and gets removed from other work. My seamless purses are a big source of pre-felt.) I spent yesterday afternoon and evening cutting pre-felt into circles. Lots of circles.

The colors were limited so when I decided I had enough to get started, I also pulled out my bin of roving bits and pieces. As I laid out a design onto the white wool, I played with lines and curves. I am curious how this will finish since some circles are the flat pre-felt and some are swirls of roving. I hope it retains a bit of difference in dimension. I also like how sheer the tulle is and placed a few roving circles directly onto the tulle. My hope is that it will be wearable with anything and the sheer tulle will allow the wearer's dress to show through even as bright spots of color appear to be aloft invisibly.

I hope Eve takes more photos. I like this kind of headache.

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