Thursday, July 22, 2010


I understand that this scarf thing is supposed to be work. I feel it in my body as I get tight in the shoulders and neck from all the felting I'm doing. But it is the other part of the work that I really struggle with. Even as my current photos are a huge improvement on my first photos (and believe me they are leaps and bounds better), they aren't good enough. I need to either get a better camera (no money), find a photographer willing to barter (any leads?), and/or hire models (money again). Regardless of what I do to change this, photography takes more time than I give to it right now.

But it must be done. This is a business and I need to promote myself in every way possible. I took the time to get new business cards, a business email address, all the legal trappings of a business (LLC, EIN #, etc) , credit card processing, a bank account and business credit card. If the photos are crap after all that, and no one buys my work, I may as well kiss all of my investment thus far goodbye. Time, materials, legal paperwork, artistic effort --- it must needs be supported with the visual work. Time to stop wishing and start doing. It can't hurt anymore than my tight shoulders, right?


  1. Lynn! This post (more than other conversations we've had) made me wish even more that we were in the same city and could support each other's independent businesses. don't give up on your community yet - is there a local photograhpy student who would be willing to work for free? a friend who would model for free (or dinner)? ... and even an iphone takes a great shot if it's set up well. Hang in there!

  2. It is, in fact, you who helps me push farther with this, Tina. I am devoting so much time to creating new work, and finally realizing that other aspects need time too. I am considering a few college students I know who might model for cheap. Not ready to relinquish the camera entirely yet. We may not be near geographically, but you are with me more than you know these days.

  3. Lynn,

    I think you can easily take better pictures. Set up a sheet as a white background (put it on the table and pin it to the wall) and use table lamps around your house to light the area from behind where you will take the photo. If your camera is a 5 megapixel or better that should be pretty good. Outside photos in the shade are also the best as well.

    Finally, download Picasa. It's free and you can edit the photos. Click the "I am feeling lucky" button to have it auto edit your photos.

    And yeah, check oakland community college and craigs list for starting photographers. That is how we got our engagement pictures done.

    Good luck!

  4. Thank you, Susan. I'll download Picasa tonight. I have tried a few with a white sheet and not been pleased, but I still have a lot to learn about my camera.